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N.A.S.M. certified Sports Nutrition Specialist

Food For Fuel


There is no greater disservice that you can do yourself than eating with blind ignorance. You are what you eat, and with even just some small changes you could feel better, have more energy, less bloat, most importantly improved health!

My Nutritional Background/Why I am so passionate about helping others with food!


Four years ago I was working in a gym full time, training 4 times a week, running, tracking my macros, basically doing everything by the book. But my joints were stiff, I was bloated with water weight from taking whey proteins, and then the biggest ego killer in the gym- all of my weights plateaued and all of my improvement losing body fat stalled. Then I discovered that I had Celiac's disease, and it was a necessity to understand how different foods effect the gut and body, I was determined to eat enough protein fuel lifting weights 5x weekly, and support daily cardiovascular activities. That is a difficult undertaking when you are living with inflammation and scarring in your gut...

Currently I am training for a power-lifting meet, although I recently stepped down weight wise on my squats to reevaluate my technique (Coach Mr. Wilson is a stickler) my dead lifts and bench press have been growing steadily, I figured out using food for fuel for myself and I became certified as Fitness Nutrition Specialist in order to share my experiences and coach you to a healthier lifestyle, to feel your absolute best!!!

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