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Hi, I'm Sophie Wilson!

I am currently a N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I am also a massage student and will be graduating in the next few months.

Fitness Background: I have been training in all different areas of fitness for the last ten years. I started running with my mom at the age of 8 years old! Rock-climbing, hiking, martial arts and dance soon followed and continued through the age of 16 when I started working with a personal trainer in a gym to learn resistance training (i.e. how to lift weights). What inspired me about regular workouts was how I could use them to influence my mood, energy level, anxiety, sleeping patterns, etc. I first began my education by becoming a massage student at Bodymechanics (Tumwater, WA), my expected graduation date is 04/20/2018. I completed my personal training certification during my past 6 months as a student. 

Personal Background: A few things about me:

-I was born and raised in the Olympia area. 

-My husband and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary! 

-What makes me the most happy is to be active outside as much as possible and to continue to grow with weights inside the gym.

My favorite part of our honeymoon in Las Vegas, hiking Red Rock!

My pride and joy- my family!